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Controls for Mexico» s Nobodies: The Cultural Legacy of the Soldadera as well as Afro-Mexican date mexican women .

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The Mexican National date mexican women ‘s Championship (Spanish: Campeonato Nacional Femenil) is actually a date mexican women ‘s qualified fumbling champion for date mexican women wrestlers allowed due to the Comisión de Box y Lucha Libre Mexico D.F. (the Mexico City Boxing and also Wrestling Commission). While the Commission assents the name, it performs certainly not advertise the celebrations through which the Championship is actually fought for. The champion is actually presently ensured due to the Mexican Lucha Libre battling located advertising Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL) and also invites recent additionally been actually marketed due to the Mexican-based Asistencia Asesoría y Administración (AAA) promo.

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The champion is just one of the earliest, still-promoted date mexican women qualified fumbling champion, anticipated simply due to the NWA World date mexican women ‘s Championship that was actually made in 1954 while the very first Mexican date mexican women ‘s champ was actually determined in 1955. The present champ is actually Los angeles Metálica, that beat Princesa Sugehit on December 29, 2018, to gain the champion. She is actually the 21st champ of the modern-day age.

History [revise]

Female wrestlers initially showed up in Mexico in 1935 when United States-based wrestlers Mac Stein, Teddy Meyers, Katherine Hart as well as Don’t Apollo battled in Arena México. Women would certainly not be actually made it possible for to battle in Mexico once again up until 1942 and after that once again in 1945 yet each opportunity Mexican marketers produced women coming from the United States.[[ 2 ] In the very early-, to mid-1950s Jack O’Brien, a productive wrestler in the 1930s and also 1940s, educated a number of Mexican women. The team consisted of Chabela Romero, Los Angeles Enfermera, Irma González, Rosita Williams, as well as Los Angeles Dama Enmascarada (» The Masked Lady»). The initial acknowledged Mexican Women’s champ was actually Los angeles Dama Enmascarada that gained a competition in Monterrey in the 1st fifty percent of 1955.[[ 2 ] The name was actually determined just as the «Women’s Championship» or even at the same time the «Mexican Women’s Championship» in present-day paper protection.[[ 3 ] The name would certainly later on be actually succeeded through Irma González on a program composed the el Toreo de Cuatro Caminos bullfighting field in Naucalpan, State of Mexico.[[ 2 ] In 1961 then-champion Irma Gonzales was actually invoiced as safeguarding the «Occidente» Women’s Championship in Guadalajara, however documents of the several «Occidente» (» Western States») champions have no recommendation to a women’s champion prior to or even after 1961, causing analysts wrapping up that it was actually likely González Women’s Championship that was actually protected that time only identified as «Occidente».[[ 4 ]


In the overdue 1950s the Regent of Mexico City, Ernesto P. Uruchurtu, prohibited women’s fumbling in Mexico City, properly consigning all of them to slight display in various other Mexican conditions.[[ 2 ] The champion family tree coming from 1959 till the Mexico City restriction on women’s fumbling was actually raised in Mexico City in 1986 is actually not clear and also was actually undocumented for an extended period of your time.[[ 5 ] In 1986 the Comisión de Box y Lucha Libre Mexico D.F. (the Mexico City Boxing as well as Wrestling Commission) began accrediting women wrestlers to do work in Mexico City as well as formally acknowledged Reyna Gallegos as the «Mexican National Women’s Champion», based upon the reality that she was actually the ruling Mexican Women’s Champion, taking on the family tree of the champion retroactively.[[ 5 ] The payment made it possible for Empresa Mexicana de Lucha Libre (» Mexican Wrestling Enterprise») to market the champion and also identify that must test or even succeed it. Unlike many champions that come from a particular advertising the Mexican National Women’s Championship was actually certainly not had through a singular advertising, as an alternative marketers supporting receive Mexico City could possibly request the compensation to possess the champ work with their series.[[ 6 ] From the very early 1990s the champion generally came to be unique to Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL, a relabelled EMLL) as it was actually merely stood up for on CMLL series for several years and also simply succeeded through wrestlers under CMLL agreement.[[ 6 ] In 1995 Martha Villalobos succeeded the champion on an AAA program, formally transitioning management coming from CMLL to AAA.[[ 5 ] In 2004 Lady Apache succeeded the champion coming from Tiffany on an AAA series, as well as took the label along with her when she participated in CMLL in 2005. Gal Apache will later on succeed the CMLL World Women’s Championship and after that left the Mexican National Women’s Championship.[[ 6 ] The champion has actually stayed under CMLL’s management ever since.[[ 7 ]

Rules [modify]

The existing champ is actually Los angeles Metálica, that beat Princesa Sugehit on December 29, 2018 to succeed the champion.[[ 1 ] It is her very first regime along with the name, she is actually the 21st champ given that the Mexico City Boxing and also Wrestling Commission allowed the champion, and also the 30th recorded champ on the whole. Martha Villalobos stores the track record for the lengthiest confirmed personal supremacy along with 1,399 times while Lady Apache’s pair of supremacies integrate for 1,470 times the lengthiest confirmed supremacy of any kind of champ.[[ 6 ] Due to the undocumented time periods before 1986 it is actually achievable that other people has really hosted the champion much longer, yet no proof of such a simple fact has actually been actually discovered.[[ 6 ] Isabel Romero has actually kept the headline 3 opportunities, the best for any type of champ, while 5 women have actually kept the champion two times because it was actually formally allowed in 1986; Lady Apache, Los Angeles Sirenita, Tiffany, Martha Villalobos as well as Zuleyma. Los angeles Diabólica stores the report for the quickest recorded name power, along with fifty times.[[ 6 ]


From 1986 the champion has actually been actually categorized as a «National» name, which suggests that formally non-Mexican consumers are actually banned coming from testing or even keeping the champion, similar to all various other Mexican National Championships. There have actually been actually occasions where those policies have actually certainly not been actually stringently imposed, consisting of Puerto Rican Zeuxis succeeding the champion. Later on CMLL declared that she really possessed shared citizenship in Puerto Rico and also Mexico after she gained the champion in 2015. It is actually vague if Zeuxis’ Puerto Rican culture is actually a story or otherwise.[[ 8 ]< All championship happen under ideal two-out-of-three becomes policies. Once in a while solitary loss championship have actually occurred, for instance when advertising CMLL championship in Japan, satisfying the heritages of the local area advertising, as an example when Princesa Blanca safeguarded the champion versus Lady Apache in Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan.[[ 9 ] As it is actually a qualified fumbling champion, it is actually certainly not gained properly; it is actually as an alternative succeeded using a scripted finishing to a complement or even granted to a wrestler due to a story.[[ 10] ]

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